Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Quilt ... Sneak Peak

Name: "Random Quilt'
Size: 8' x 8-1/2'

Notes: Just a sneak peak of the FINALLY finished "Random Quilt" (my name for a 'crazy quilt'). It took longer than I anticipated, but the finished product is worth it!

This is just one corner ... a picture of the entire finished quilt will be posted as soon as I can get a decent picture.

More Notes: I made each block separately, then sewed the blocks together. I then sewed them onto a thin quilt I got at the Goodwill Surplus Store - tattered and torn. Cheating? Maybe - but I kind of like the idea of saving $$ as well as recycling something that was precious to someone else at one point. If I hadn't bought this quilt for backing, it would have been incinerated.


Judy Grupp Studio said...

I love quilts, especially "art" quilts. Can't wait to see the finished piece. So clever to use an existing quilt as the base, love that idea!

Pam said...

Clytie, Its wonderful that you saved someones handy work form becoming dump fill. It we all thought the way you do it would be a better world!


Pearl said...

I absolutely LOVE the "crazy quilts" and yours is beautiful.


Megan Coyle said...

What a colorful quilt :) very fun!

Grannie Annie said...

Oh Cea I love quilts and this is going to be gorgeous I
can tell...they are however a lot of work...I don't see any hearts on this quilt...better tuck one in here and there just for luck...happy you.

Beth Niquette said...

Ooooh, SISSY! This is beautiful! It is gorgeous--it fills my eyes! You are just amazing. What an artist you are!!!!